How to raise more meat


Raytheon likes the warm environment, the most suitable growth temperature is 18 ~ 25 ° C, in which the temperature during the day is 22 ~ 25 ° C, 18 ~ 21 ° C in the evening, there is a certain temperature difference more conducive to the growth of Thunder.

Thunder is not cold-resistant, pay attention to keep warm in winter, timely enter the room. When the summer is high in the summer, it is necessary to open the window in time, sprinkling water.


Thunder God likes light, when the sun is insufficient, the blade is narrow and thin, the white powder of the leaves will also be reduced, the plants are loose and lack of beauty, especially the red brown in the Ye Tip and the edge of the acupuncture will dim. For a variety of streaks, the beautiful streak will fade.

In summer, the sun is too strong, you want you to make it properly. In particular, it is plants that have been maintained in half-shaped, do not suddenly move to a bright or light, and the leaves are extremely suspended.


Raytheon likes to dry the soil environment, with strong droughtable capacity. During the growth of Thunder, we must properly control water, avoid watering, if the potter is moist, it will cause the leaves to yellow, and the roots are rotted. But the basin cannot be too dry, otherwise the plant will grow slow, and even stop growing. It is 10 days in normal conditions.

In the summer, the temperature is high, and the number of watering can be increased. One week, it is often sprayed to the plants, and the leaves are green. Watering is controlled during winter sleep, keeps the pot soil in a dry state, low temperature, and the safety and wintering of the basin soil are unfavorable.


Thunder is very poor, because the growth is slower, the demand for fertilizers is not big. During the growth period, a monthly decapitation of nitrogen and phosphorus potassium is completed, ensuring that the plants are growing, and the red brown of the acupuncture can be made more bright. Pay attention to thin fat when fertilization. After the autumn, 1 to 2 phosphorus fertilizers, the nitrogen fertilizer, can be favorable for the safety of the plants. Stop fertilization during sleep during winter.


During the growth period, it is not necessary to trim, just to observe the old leaves of the base, when the geographic is withered, it can be cut off.

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