How to raise pear tree bonsai

How to raise

Temperature and light

Pear trees like warm and humid and sufficient growth environment, with strong adaptability and high temperature resistance and high temperature. In the growth period of pear trees, it is suitable to place it in air circulation and maintain the sun. If the light is insufficient, the growth of the branches will not be fulfilled, and the formation of flower buds will not be full. In winter, bonsai can be placed in the cold room or outdoor -shelter to the sun.


Pear leaves are more sensitive to water, and insufficient water supply can easily cause withering. If the time is slightly, it will dry and fall off. Insufficient water will directly affect the growth of the seat rate and the growth of young fruits. As a result, it is done in daily maintenance to avoid excessive soil. Especially in high temperature and dry weather in summer, spray water on the leaves in an appropriate amount.


The amount of fertilizer of pear trees is large. In addition to the basics of the basin, the basal fertilizer must be applied. In the growth season of the pear trees, it is generally required to apply rotten organic liquid fertilizer every 15-20 days. In addition to the normal fertilization period of the sprouting period, flower bud differentiation period, and its fruit expansion period, it is also necessary to add phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. To meet the nutritional requirements of its flowering and results.

Pot soil

The pots over the basin every 1-2 years are suitable for spring. The choice of potting soil is suitable for a loose and fertile and well-drained neutral sandy soil. The pH value can be between 5.8-8.5.


Pruning work in time, cut off long branches, cross branches, overlapping branches, dead branches, short -cut strong branches, promoting the lower branches of the lower part, and cultivating compact results. At the same time, the bonsai reaches a clear and dense natural and beautiful artistic effect.

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