How to raise potted hibiscus

Farming soil

Hibiscus has strong adaptability to the soil, and the requirements for soil are not strict. Even in the soil in the soil, it can be thrive in the soil in a weak alkaline soil. Of course, soil fertile, loose environment is best suited for wood.

Appropriate light

Hibiscus is high, and it is necessary to pay sufficient illumination during the growth period. The illuminated light should not be too strong, and the sun is not allowed to expose the sun, and the hot summer should be properly shade, or move into the room, avoid light, leading to it Accommodate.

Suitable temperature

Hibiscus highlights, warm. Therefore, the warm growth environment is most suitable for the growth of the hibiscus, 18-25 ° C is the optimum temperature of its growth, or it can be slightly cold.

Squire fertilization

When the hibiscus sprouts, it is necessary to apply topdress in time, and the topdress is mainly fertilized, which can promote nutrient growth. Add 1-2 times of phosphorus fertilizer before flowering, to promote the buds of Hibiscus and flowering. The flowering period of Hibiscus in 5-010 months, during which time it is combined with the weeding and the cultivation of the plastic, to ensure the production of flowering and the growth of trees.

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