How to raise red powder table

Farming method

Pelvic soil

It can be used with peat mixed coal slag, river sand and other granules, and soil surface laying clean floppon, which is the basic principle of ventilation, and appropriately increase the content of the particulate medium.


The red powder clock needs to accept sufficient sunshine leaves, and the plants will be more tight and beautiful, and the leaves will be hypertrophy. The sunshine is too small, the leaves are loose, and the blade is loose, and the blade is thin.


In general, the medium must dry after drying.

In the case of open-air culture, once the temperature is above 35 degrees, the plant is moved to a bright scattering light, gradually reduces the watering frequency, and eventually stop watering (such as venting glass cease).

There is a small water or not water during the summer. After the temperature in September is reduced, the normal watering frequency will be gradually returned. The pink chart in the open-air environment can still grow normally, sleep is not obvious.

If the temperature can be taken by 0 degrees or more, it can be watered, and the water is stopped and the plants are moved to a warm indoor or shed, otherwise the plants will freeze and even die.


Fertilizes once every quarter, use multiple meat long-term fertilization.


Watering skills

When watering the Red Powder Court, you should pay attention to the water to Ye Hexin. Ye Xin has water to stay, it will rot, and you can use the cotton swab to be gently removed.

Dynamic precautions

Open-air-conditioned red powder counters need to prevent heavy rain.

Exchange pot

The pink clock is medium large stone lotus. As the growth is required to change the basin every 1-2 years, the pot can be 1 to 2 inch than the plant velocity, which can promote plant growth.

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