How to raise ribs?

How to raise ribs?


Coarse ribs like the warm and humid semi-yin growth environment. Its cold resistance is poor. The temperature in winter must not be lower than 15 ° C. To keep warm, the suitable temperature of the ribs is about 20 ° C-30 ° C.


The ribs are bright and bright, suitable for growing in a well -ventilated environment, and avoid direct light. Especially in summer cultivation, pay attention to shading work to avoid too strong light, otherwise the leaves will be very prone to burning.In addition, in winter, pay attention to lighting in the winter room to prevent the light from lightering the light and reduce the value of ornamental.


In the growth period of ribs, sufficient water is required. In the summer season, it should be kept at the shade and sprayed water at the leaves every morning and evening.In winter, the temperature decreases, and the growth of ribs is slowed. At this time, water should be controlled to keep its pot soil slightly dry.


The cultivation soil is suitable for the more loose and breathable peat soil or grassy soil, and can also use corrupt leaf soil and sandy loam soil.

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