How to raise spring feathers in winter

How to overwinter

Room temperature control

If you want to be insurance, you can spend the winter safely at eight or more. It is best not to be lower than zero degrees Celsius. Although plants may be able to bear it and slowly recover their vitality in the spring of the second year, we still don’t make jokes with our beloved plants.

Water control

We may have heard that Chunyu originally produced in high temperature and humid places, so the demand for water is greater. Although dormant in winter and the need for moisture is reduced accordingly, it is still not necessary to forget watering. Water in time when the pot soil becomes dry, but do not soak water. In addition, you can also take care of it by sprinkling water on the leaves and spraying water in the surrounding environment.

Light control

If it is placed in a dark place for a long time, its leaves may slowly turn yellow, and the beautiful green will gradually gone. Therefore, let it see it regularly. However, it does not like long -term light. That’s right, it is a bit harsh. Therefore, choose a semi -shade environment, or take the sun for a while to retract it in time.

Fertilizer control

Since the end of autumn, you must pay attention to dosage. In winter, you will enter the dormant period. There is almost no nutrients, so fertilization should be suspended.


The suitable growth room temperature of this plant is eighteen to 30 degrees Celsius, and it will enter the dormant period in winter. From here, it can also be seen that it will be affected in winter. But don’t worry too much. Although it is not suitable, Chunyu is still cold -resistant, but the state is slightly worse. Of course, friends with lower temperatures in winter should pay attention to take good care of the plants.

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