How to raise star?

Farming method

Light demand

The origin of Star Beauty is the middle of Mexico, with sufficient light.Star Beauty is a full-day maintenance plant, and the summer avoids the wet wet in summer.

Water fertilizer management

Watering: Watering every month in the spring and autumn growth season, the water is stopped in the winter, and the summer can be applied according to the humidity of the pot soil, and it can be appropriately water.

Fertilization: Fertilizers per month in the growth period, use diluted pieces of fertilizer or special fertilizer with potted flowers.

Reproductive way

Sowing: Spring seeds, germination is 8-24 ° C.But the seeds grow slowly.

Cutting: Spring and summer tissue or blade cutting breeding.



Star Beauty is a tropical plant and is not cold.Winter temperature is less than 10 ° C to pay attention to prevent cold measures, winter can be bored in winter.


Although it is a tropical plant, do not like the hot fever in summer.Hot and stuffy is very different, hot, can be a hot and dry heat, and the heat is willing to be wet with sticky.

Star Beauty likes a dry environment, pay attention to ventilation in summer, avoiding sultry.

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