How to raise succulents blue beans

How to raise


Normally, when trimming, just leave the main root


Blue beans like sandy soil and can adapt to barren soil. It is best to prepare a transparent sandy soil. You can use 3 parts of rotten leaf soil, 3 parts of river sand, 1 part of the garden soil, and 1 mixed preparation of stakes. You can mix some calcium powder and stir.


Pay attention to prevent stagnant water, and rotten roots occur. When drying, spray water in the surrounding air, and the center of the leaves should not be accumulated, otherwise it will cause rotten heart and avoid being rained.

Sunshine: Blue beans like the sun, but to prevent high temperature and too warm light, it will be the aging of the leaves and affect the ornamental effect. Therefore, when the temperature is hot


Breeding blue beans can be fertilized once every 20 days. It is better for the rolled thin liquid fertilizer and nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium compound fertilizer. Blue beans prefer sandy soil and can adapt to the barren soil. Splash on the leaves. Pour water through the evening on the day of fertilization, dilute the fat in the soil.


Blue beans often have the harm of pests and insect pests. After spraying the pyramid cleaner, the root width can be controlled by a 3%sutanan particle. Insect pests have black phenomenon hazards, and 25%western -causing wettable powder was sprayed and killed.

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