How to raise the green emperor

Morphological characteristics

The green emperor is evergreen wooden climbing plants. The stems are thick, slow, and the leaves of the leaves are born. When the plant is growing, the old leaves take off, and the stem will reveal.

Shocks in stems, the spacing is about 1 to 2 ° C cm, and there is a niche of the festival, the stem can reach 2 to 4 ° C cm, light brown, and the erectability is poor.

The leaves are large, and the lotus is born, and the yellow-green gradient becomes green or dark green. Buddha fragrance, axillary.

Life habits

The green emperor is warm and humid environment, and the growth is suitable for the temperature of 20 ~ 30 ° C. The bright scattered light, avoid direct sunlight. Hi soil fertile, good drainage, wet loophochrome. Breeding mainly adopts tissue culture, cutting and dividing method, and can also be cultivated.

Origin distribution

The Green Emperor is native to China, South America. Sexual wet, high temperature, should be planted in a critical acid soil.

Ornamental value

The green emperor has beautiful shape, bright color, always green, elegant, deeply loved, is a good view of the hotel, conference room, living room, etc.


The Green Emperor has a good environmentally friendly function, absorbs a large amount of dust in the air, release oxygen, so that indoor air is fresh, increase the oxygen ion content in the air.

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