How to raise the light ring

Birage ring home curing method


Basic ring growth is generally 15-25 degrees, and winter is not less than 5 degrees in winter.

The temperature exceeding 35 ° C will withered, and directly enter the sleep period.


Artificial cultivation can generally use peat, vermiculite, perlite, and use a large amount of particle soil (favorable drainage, breathable), and the root is developed.

Water fertilizer management

Watering: Watering drying in the growth period is rolling, and the water is not treated during the sleep.

Fertilization: The growth period can be applied to the thin fertilizer, and it is not too frequent.

Reproductive way

The main reproduction of the Bastern ring is sowing, and it can be blended.

Bioga ring household precautions

Bulk ring sleep in winter

The wilt of the Bulk ring sleep is normal, not the plant death, don’t throw the wilted plants!

Bulk ring summer maintenance

The ears of the light ring are very delicate, so that strong light is avoided, otherwise it is easy to burn.The temperature is too high, the plants will also enter the sleeping period, etc. Waiting for the winter.

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