How to raise the moon

Farming method

Light demand

Flower Moon Kadianshi South Africa Drava Province and Natal, a warm and sunshine environment.

From 4- November for the main growth season of Hua Moon, can be maintained throughout. Colorful, bright and bright.

Water fertilizer management

Watering in the growth period, master the principle of “not casting the water”, avoiding the potted water, causing rotten roots.

Waters in winter should be placed in place, placed in a well-light place.

The growth period can be fertilized once a week, and the fertilizer should be a rusted thin liquid fertilizer or compound fertilizer.

Fertilization should be stopped in winter. In the cold state, the flowers of the flower moon are slow, and it is not allowed to be in a state of nutrient saturation.

Breeding method

The breeding of the flower moon can use the leaf plug and cutting method.


The flower period of the flower moon is autumn, the flowers are stars, white, fresh and elegant.


Common pests

Hua moon chaotou is often seen in the disease: anthracnose.

Hua Yuejin often sees insects: chorica, red spider, white spider, root nematode.

The pests and diseases of the flower moon have become frequent, because the ventilation is not good. Pay attention to ventilation in summer, prevent the appearance of the stuffy environment.

Change the pot

The flower moon is going to change the basin every 2 years, in the spring or autumn. The basin requires loose breathable and has good drainage properties.

Pay attention to the root system when you change the pot.

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