How to raise the trees

Breeding method

Sowing reproduction, can also be propagated with its stem or branching cutting.

At the end of the loot, when the purslane in the purslane in June, some plants do not harvest, let them flow, the seeds are growing, and the seedlings are elder, and they do not have to be seeded.

Pelvic preparation

The flower pots used to cultivate purslane should not be too small, and the diameter of 35 to 40 cm is most suitable. The purslane is strong, and the soil requirements are not very strict but choose loose, fertile, water-saving, high-quality sand, growing, accelerated, stem, tender, and quality. The purslane is fertilized, strong light, especially the air is dry, soil moist. Pay attention to places where the sun can be illuminated, facilitates the growth of stems. When the weak light, the purslane is growing and young, and the light is too strong, it is easy to aging.

Plant time

In China, the Malaise Multi-Spring and Summer Season is mainly used to collect wild species, and some developed countries have gradually turned to artificial cultivation, and China Taiwan is vigorously promoting artificial cultivation.

In the cultivation season, the southern part of Taiwan, Guangdong, Hainan, etc. in the subtropical region, starting to sow in late February, and it has been collected in November; Jiangsu, Zhejiang is planted in the middle of May, such as use protection, can be in advance to April Sowing, June to August for the growth period; northeastern landland cultivation is planted in mid-June.

When the temperature of each region exceeds 20 ° C, it can be planted, planted in stages, and listing in stages.

Maintenance points

Purslane can be planted from spring to autumn. Spring is started late, the quality is soft. Summer, autumn sowing is easy to bloom. It is generally available in 2 to August. If cultivated (plastic greenhouse, film, greenhouse), there is no strict seeding period.

Due to the seeds of the seeds, it is only necessary to go soil after the broadcast is available. If the soil is dried, it can be sprayed with a sprinkle bottle. When the seedlings are about 15cm, the seedlings are started, and the strains are maintained 9-10 cm, so that other seedlings continue to grow.

During growth, according to the growth conditions, the urea 300 times liquid is generally administered 1 to 2 times, and the purslane has almost no pests, there is no pesticide residue.

It is warm and dry, the sun is sufficient, and it is more than half-shade. It grows well, drought, drought, and requires good drainous sand soil. Don’t cold-resistant, winter temperatures are not less than 10 ° C.

Pest control

There are main snails, which can be prevented in the morning. The main disease of harm the prasium has viral disease, white powder disease and leaf spot. Virus disease uses 1: 1: 50 sweet and vinegar liquid leaf surface sprayed more than 80%; platinum diseases often use 800 to 1000 times of methylbinjin, rust-free prevention and control; leaf spotty bacteria, multi , Quick Spirit prevention and treatment.

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