How to raise this “cheeky” plant?

How to change the pot in spring

As a bonsai that grows very rapidly, it needs to be replaced once every spring, and the thickest skin is carefully removed from the old flower pot. inside.

How to trim in summer and autumn

If you want to grow more vigorously, the owner needs to carefully trim it for it. Novice with no maintenance experience should not cut its original tree shape at will. Cut some too dense branches and leaves according to the simple prototype. There are also some old leaves that have lost their freshness and yellowing leaves that need to be reduced. Secondly, they must follow a small number of principles. Do not trim large -scale trimming at one time, otherwise it will affect the entire plant.

Water fertilizer management throughout the year

Although the name sounds fastest, the water management is still relatively high. Generally, there are more water required for high temperature and hot season in summer. You can water a small amount every morning and evening. You only need to keep it about three or twice a week in the growing period. In addition, when watering, be careful not to pour a large amount of water into the soil, otherwise the bubble will cause the roots to rot, so spraying the leaves of the watering pot is the best way of watering. If you apply fertilizer, there are less summer winter, and the right amount of spring and autumn can be used.

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