How to raise Wisteria

Like moist, watering

The main roots of Wisteria flowers are deep, and the soil surface is absorbed and moisturized and drought relief. But the wisteria likes the moist soil, try to keep the earth surface moist, do not cast too much water, otherwise it will be rotten.

Infault, less fertilization

Wisteria flowers are very adaptable, the main root can absorb nutrients from the soil, so there is no need for too much fertilization. Basically, 2 to 3 times composite fertilizers can meet their growth needs. A small amount of nitrogen fertilizer, calcium phosphate is urged before the bud of plant, and promotes the growth of buds. In the growth period, it is 2 ~ 3 times, with a humorous person, animal feces.

Soil layer is deep

The main roots of the Wisteria flowers are longer, and the roots should be left sufficient growth space, and there is a relatively profound area when planting. Wisteria is lower to soil, but soil fertile growth is better.

Like sunshine, full sun

Wisteria is a large vine plant, mostly for outdoor wild. No exceptional sunshine replenishment, normal sunlight. The growth is even more powerful when the sun is sufficient. Of course, you can enjoy the sun, but also to keep the potted plants on the window, room temperature is above zero, and you can safely have a safe winter.

Excessive growth, timely trimming

Wisteria flowers grow rapidly under suitable conditions, even if the improved varieties are planted, it is faster than other plants. In order to ensure the beauty of the tree, in addition to reducing watering fertilization, we must also understand how to trim and pick your heart. It is usually trimmed during the annual dormancy period. Picking is usually performed at a new branch of the new branch, cutting the buds of the front end of the branch when the shoot length is 15 cm. (More Wisteria Tips Read Articles Wisteria Plastic Tempoons Points)

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