How to regulate the flowering period of flowers

Method 1: temperature mediation method

The growth of flowers require appropriate temperature, and the flowering period can be adjusted by adjusting the temperature.

When we need to flowering in advance, we can choose the way to increase the temperature. The temperature increase can prevent the flowers from entering the dormant period in a timely manner, so as to bloom in advance. Our common, peony flowers, azaleas and other flowers can choose this method and flowering in advance. For example, in order to please a good color head in the Spring Festival, you can try this method to make flowers bloom during the Spring Festival. Correspondingly, in order to delay the flowering period of the flower, the temperature can be appropriately reduced, and the flower period can be delayed well, but this method is more for the ball root flowers planted in autumn.

Method 2: Light adjustment method

There are some flowers’ blooming time at night. For viewing, it may be a bit not convenient. We can shading the flowers during the day and placed it in the dark room to create one. At night, the artificial light is given, and after about a week, the habit of blooming at night will change, and it will bloom during the day.

In addition, flowers that like light and can adapt to strong light can be extended by the blooming time of such flowers as long as the flowers are more likely and can adapt to strong light.

Method 3: growth cycle adjustment method

There is no difficulty in this method. First of all, we need to have a early understanding of the regulatory flowers, such as the time for the sowing of flowers, and how long after sowing, the flowers will bloom. If you want to flow in advance, you can plant it earlier. However, it should be noted that when breeding, it should be maintained strictly in accordance with the growth environment under normal conditions.

In addition, properly topping and trimming of flowers also have a certain impact on the control of the flower period. In addition, the shape of the flowers of the flowers can be more perfect.

Method 4: Chemical Intervention Law

Spray some chemical preparations for flowers, such as some leaf fertilizers or chemical preparations, can also play a good role in plant flowering.

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