How to repair the succulent plants

How to repair the succulent plants

Tool material

Scissors, brushes, bactericides, carved knives, alcohol, etc.

step one

First of all, we must have a general health condition for our fleshy. It is recommended to carefully observe the fleshy root growth state before doing it. The root must be trimmed is the root system of aging, or the root of obvious necrotic points.

Step 2

After observing, we must start to repair the roots. Before we do it, we can disinfect the knife and scissors with alcohol or diluted potassium permanganate solution to prevent bacterial infections.

Step three

Usually the root system we want to trim is nothing more than two cases: the root system of aging absorption, and the root system with obvious necrosis points. It should be thoroughly removed when removing aging or woody root systems, and retaining the root system that can see the meat. In addition, there are some messy roots that are also recommended to remove, because these root systems are particularly easy to dry and cannot achieve transportation effects. Note that the edge of the wound should be kept smooth.

Step 4

After trimming, be sure to place succulent in a ventilated place, and slowly dry the wound. After the wound is dry, you can put it into the pot, but it should be noted that the soil on the pot cannot be too wet. It is estimated that a new root system will be born after a week.

Finally, wait for your own flesh to have a brand new transformation!

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