How to reproduce onion


This method only needs to choose a suitable flower pot to put some soil. You can also use tools or fingers. Dig a small Dongxiao Dong on the soil, about 20 to 30 mm depth. Put 4 to 5 seeds in the cave, and put a few capsules at every other section. After all are placed, pour the appropriate amount of water and put it on the balcony. This method is relatively simple to do, but the onion species requires us to buy it, and the germination will be very slow, so it is not recommended to use this method.

Onion roots

This method has grown fast, and it is simple to operate. When we buy onions, we must pay attention to choose some fresh. The roots grow better and must have a root must be. It would be better if there is mud on it. The specific method is to cut the green onion roots with a small piece of green onion, plant it into the soil, and remember to leave a part of the white outside, which will be easier to survive. After planting the right amount of water, you can see the mature shallots after a few weeks.


This method only needs to buy some fresh and healthy green onion seedlings, and then plant it directly in the pot. After planting, water it properly. This method can be removed at any time. Note that if you want to eat green onion stems, you need to use scissors to cut the part of the soil so that the onion can continue to grow.

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