How to safely succulent plants in summer

How to maintain succulent in summer

Everything in summer shows a rapid growth trend, and succulent is no exception.Maintaining moisture can also grow well in summer.However, the rainy rain is strong in summer, and it is necessary to take the fleshy drainage measures to properly raise the succulent basin slightly to ensure that the water will not be stagnant to avoid rotten heart.

How to distinguish which multi -meat summer can be exposed in summer

If the indoor succulent needs light, you can move to the outdoors and take a good sunny measure to avoid direct lighting.However, the summer is too hot, the water evaporates fast, and some leaves are slightly wrinkled and slow -growing succulent. Remember not to move outdoors.

Secondly, the fleshy of hibernation in winter should not be exposed in summer.Do a good job of shading and choose some good shading nets, which can greatly reduce ultraviolet radiation and reduce the risk of sunburn.The best white shade net will not affect the succulent absorption of sunny nutrients.

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