How to sow the four seasons

Selection of seasons container and matrix

It is easy to select a more breathable and water permeable. Soil matrix requirements are relatively loose, fertile, generally spoons the soil is most suitable, through sunlight or high temperature disinfection, after the screening of layers, the thickness of the soil is distinguished.

Top seasons

The selection of the seasons must be cleaned and even disinfected, and the drain holes in the bottom of the basin are paved with tiles to ensure that the pot soil is smooth.

The coarse substrate paving distinguishes is added in the lower half of the basin, and the upper half is added to the fine particles, but the matrix in the basin cannot be placed, and the height distance from the basin is 2 cm is the best.

The spray is then placed in the water, exposing the buba surface, so that the water penetrates from the bottom of the basin hole, waiting for the basin soil to be sowed.

How to sow in the four seasons

The seasons of the four seasons should be good at the new year harvested in the year, and the sowing time is carried out in from 4 to May, from June.

First mix the seeds and the garden soil, then spread to the surface of the pot, do not need to be soil, use thinner glass or plastic film to moisturize, placed in a cool and ventilated place, if it places it in the greenhouse, then Shady. The temperature conditions of 15-22 ° C are suitable for rooting, about 1 week or so.

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