How to store sweet peppers

Main method

Fruit basket

1. Take a bamboo basket. Below the bamboo basket and four circles are paved with cowhide paper. This can remove excess water.

2. After filming the inside, the seal is strictly sealed. The positioning position should be a place where the temperature is not high and the air flow is better. If the temperature is too high, it is easy to speed up the breeding of bacteria and make the sweet peppers faster.

3. Once over ten days, this method can be stored for two months.

Cylinder storage method

1. Friends with a cylinder at home can choose this method. The model is not too large, and the small and small number can be. But one thing needs to be noted that the clean tank should not be directly installed with pepper, and it should be dried and used with one percent of the bleaching powder.

2. There are also requirements for them, so they cannot be placed. Put the pepper handle. Just put on a layer by layer. At this time, you can use a thin film with three or four holes to seal the mouth.

3. The temperature of the prevention and control should not be too high, eight to ten degrees.

Bag storage method

1. If you don’t want to be so troublesome, you can choose a plastic bag of 450 cm, but there must be a pores in the middle of the bag.

2. Put in the sweet peppers and tie your mouth. You can refer to the above two.

3. If there is a water drop in the bag, ventilation once or twice a week. If you find rotten sweet peppers, take it out in time.


Friends with conditions can choose cellar or grass and gray to store, but most friends love to choose the above methods, simple and convenient, and do not require too much space.

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