How to sunbatty

Multi-meat light effect


The sufficient sunshine makes the stems and gifted, the leaves are full of gloss, and the flowers are bright and exciting.

Lack of light

Planting Wang Wang is passionate, stems are soft, dark leaves, shortening, thin, lack of gloss, will affect flower bud differentiation and blossom, and even fall-bearing flowers.

Demand for illumination

Winter types with fewer light demand.Spotted varieties, as well as uncommon white category and skin-breaking varieties, if they expose over glare, the epidermis of the plant is easy to become brown, which is not angry.Therefore, a slightly with intimate polyfatus, it is appropriate to cover the yin before sunny day, avoid high temperature glare.

In addition, in the early spring, the plants and plants in the blurred exhibition leaves, and it is necessary to make appropriate shadows to facilitate the growth and recovery of the plants.

Multi-meat plant drying sun

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