How to turn soil cultivation

How to transfer earthy plants

First of all, it is very difficult for hydroponic plants to survive in the soil again. Because hydroponic plants are particularly different from the root system in the soil. Its epidermis is relatively thin and has no root hair. The roots in the soil will be thicker and long.

Secondly, the surface layer of hydroponics also has ventilated organizations. Due to the growing environment of the hydrastial, the root crown rarely rubs with the outside world, so the damage is relatively small, the root will grow softer, and the ground nature is not so good. The roots in the soil are constantly rubbing with the soil and other debris, and there will be a lot of damage, and the root crown will be thicker and strong. Therefore, it is more difficult for hydroponic plants to be kept in the soil.

There are also more difficult things that the root of hydroponic has been growing in a humid environment, so it is directly absorbed by the epidermal cells without much root hair. And in the water, the root does not require good fixing, and it is not so good for the fixation of the soil.

In general, it is difficult for hydroponic plants to grow into the soil, and it will be very uncomfortable and even die for the new environment. So if you want to ethics, you can re -cut the seedlings or branches. If you want to try it, do not be exposed to the sun after Tu Pei. Secondly, do not use too much fertilizer, and you must have the process of sitting in water.

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