How to use seedlings


How to use seedlings

When using the seedlings, first put the soil in the hole and holes. The soil can be mixed with an appropriate amount of base fertilizer. After the soil is flattened, put it in the seeds.

Prosperity of seedlings

The first is to reduce the amount of seeds and save costs;

The second is that the seed nutrients are uniform, and the seedlings are fast;

The third is the neat seeds of seeds;

The fourth is to facilitate centralized management, save time and effort;

Fifth, the roots are not damaged when the seedlings are transplanted.

Seedling cup

How to use seedlings

When sowing the seedling cup, you can fill in the soil and sow in the cup. When you move the pot, plant the seedlings in the seedling cup.

Advantage of seedling cup

The first is to save the amount of seeds;

Second, the permeability and breathability are good, which is conducive to the growth of the plant;

The third is the good fertilizer of the seedling cup;

Fourth, the seedling cup can be insulated roots;

Fifth, the seedling cup is convenient for long -distance transportation.

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