How to water peony, these two points are the key!

Basic characteristics of peony:

Like to sunlight, it is more drought -resistant, and the root system is prosperous.

The watering principle of peony:

Dry thoroughly.

The meaning of dry and poured:

The soil in the flower pot has large and small cracks, which is dry, but the soil must be loosened before watering, seal all the cracks, and water it several times to observe the small holes under the flower pot. If there is water, it is poured.

Drying method:

If you want to know whether the pot soil is completely dry, it is impossible to judge. Use a small wooden stick to knock the outside of the flower pot. If there is only the sound of the lower part of the flower pot, it indicates that the pot soil is missing. May need to be watered. If the part of the outside of the flower pot makes a stuffy sound, it means that it is not dry.

Precautions for watering:

The root of the peony is deep in the soil and can absorb the water of the deep soil; so even if the surface layer of the soil in the pot is already dry, you can first water without watering. But too much partially affects its normal growth, such as the color of the flowers is not gorgeous, the flowers are small and less.

All plants cannot customize the same watering time and number of times. Different breeding environments, different geographical locations, and watering methods will not be the same. but

Watering is especially important before and after the flowering period of peony. Be sure to ensure that the water is sufficient, but the stagnant phenomenon cannot be occurred. Entering winter, water must be poured once before sealed.

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