Huoxiang’s breeding method and precautions

Huoxiang’s breeding method


Huoxiang likes a high temperature and sunshine growth environment. If it is in a shaded environment for a long time, it is not conducive to its healthy growth. It is suitable for cultivation in areas with an average annual temperature of about 19-26 ° C. In the case, Huoxiang grows slowly and even stops.

Water and fertilizer

Huoxiang fertilizes “full fertilizer”, such as human and animal dung, oil cakes, and so on. Watering should be watered after fertilization, and no longer topdressing after being sealed. Huoxiang seedlings are like rain, and the environment with greater humidity during the growth period, so areas with less precipitation should pay attention to reasonable irrigation. At the same time, watering in the dry season should be watered in time to prevent drought and seedlings. In the rainy season, it is necessary to do a good job of drainage and drainage of ditch to prevent stagnant water from rotting the plant.


Huoxiang’s requirements for the soil are not strict, and it is suitable to choose the deep loose and breathable sandy loam soil. have to be aware of is. Huoxiang is afraid of accumulating water. If you choose to plant Huoxiang in a low -lying land that is easy to accumulate water, it will often cause the root rot and death.

Precautions for Huoxiang’s breeding

Drought and drought

If it encounters a drought and rain, you need to pour water in time to protect the seedlings. If it is rainy weather and irrigation, it should be cleared and drain the gap in time to avoid rotten root due to water accumulation.


In June, incense diseases are prone to brown spot disease, and the diseased leaves should be removed in time and the diseased leaves should be concentrated in time. At the beginning of the onset, 1: 1: 100 Bordeaux liquid can be applied. Pests are mainly cinnabar red leaf mites, pay attention to prevention and control.

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