If the leaves are spotted, hurry up, otherwise all the flowers will die

The rose leaves appear small white spots

Generally, small white points appear on the rose, basically they have white powder. At first it was just white spots, and then gradually spread to the entire blade plant. In severe cases, it would even cause the entire blade to turn yellow.


1. Cut off the branches of the pink disease and burn it directly after collecting it. Do not let it infected with healthy plants.

2. I find that the rose is gently sprayed. Buy at least 2 kinds of pink disease special drugs to cross the roots, poured about 5 days, and it can be cured in half a month.

3. For the sake of safety, flower friends who do not want to use medicine can use white vinegar and water to form a solution according to the ratio of 1:50, spray it on the rose blades. Note that all the white powder on the leaves must be immersed.

Black spots appear in orchid leaves

A few days ago, a friend sent a photo of Huahua. As soon as the flowers looked at the dark brown spots on the leaves, they knew that it was a red spider. In the eyes of flowers, the red spider is the first most annoying pest!


1. When you find that orchids have a red spider, you must spray the medicine quickly, otherwise the entire plant will suffer. You can use golden branches, da mite spirit, and Avinin, sprayed once every 3-5 days, and you can destroy all the red spiders!

2. If you do n’t want to use the drug, you can also lit a mosquito coil and place it next to the orchid flower pot. Basically, one of the one can be ignited for 2-3 days, and the red spider can be killed soon.

3. In addition to mosquito coils, you can also use laundry powder to mix water. The proportion is about 1: 150. After that, spray plants in the watering pot, and spray it every 5 days. It can also play the purpose of preventing the red spider.

Small white dots appear in fleshy leaves

Generally, small white spots appear on the fleshy leaves, and there are eighteen or nine. In summer, the temperature is high and the weather is hot. As long as the ventilation is poor, the shell worm will come to the door.


1. If there are not many bellfish on the fleshy, you can use toothpicks, mules, etc. to clean the shell worms directly. You can also order a mosquito coil next to the pot, and you can also achieve the effect of killing the cymbal worm.

2. If you find that there are more bellworms on the fleshy, you must spray medicine. You can use an internal absorbent pesticide, that is, whether the drug is applied to any part of the succulent part, the effect can be transmitted to the entire plant, thereby killing the bellworm that is mainly gravy.

3. If you do n’t want to spray medicine, do n’t want to use mosquito coils, etc., you can also prevent the wind and oil essence of the use. Stir the wind oil essence and water in a ratio of 1: 500, and then spray it on the plant, which can also kill the shell worm.

Small black dots appear in green leaves

Huahua recently discovered that the flowers in the home always appeared on the leaves and the leaves. Many small black spots appeared. After seeing it, I knew it was that it was Xiao Hefei! And this Xiaohei Fei is too tenacious. After killing a batch of batches, there have been always!


1. Once you find that the flowers in the home have a small black flying, the fastest way is to take medicine. Huahua feels that the maggine, Hua Hua Shen, etc. The effect of treating Little Black Fei is good. After the concentration in the instructions, after the water is mounted, it is only 3-4 times to pour the roots of the pot soil, which can be eliminated all 3-4 times.

2. It is not enough to use medicine to irrigate the roots. You can use sticky insect plates at the same time. Put the sticky insect plate next to the flowerpot.

3. If there are old people and children at home and do not want to use drugs, you can also make insecticides. Soak the garlic and soak it in the water. After about 24 hours, filter out minced garlic, stir the garlic water and clear water at a ratio of 1: 1, and spray it directly towards the plant.

There are aphids on gardenia leaves

There is a pot of gardenia flowers in the Huahua family. When I water it in the morning, I found that there are many aphids on the leaves. It is really about to die!


1. The simplest and most effective method is to use drugs such as coriaphine. Spray plants after mixing water to eliminate aphids as soon as possible!

2. There is also a simple and effective way to use black light. Aphids have shiny. Black light in the house can attract all the aphids. After several times, the aphids can be eliminated.

3. You can also use pepper or peppercorns to cook in boiling water, take out the impurities, and then spray the pepper or pepper water on the plant, and use the irritating odor to drive aphid.

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