If there is such a flower wall, who wants to go to work?

(Author: YCG2298) Since the student days, I have been listening to adults that when they grow up, they must go to big cities and do not face the loess back to the sky.

(Author: Pink purple iris) When he grew up, he may not be so satisfied with the university, and then graduated. After busy, you welcomes people with a smile, even so, it is a wall.

(Author: Pink purple iris) After the ash face again and again, he slowly learned to get along with each other, and polished the edges and corners on his body even smoother.

(Author: Xizi) Lonely came up when they were quiet at night. Fortunately, there are flowers and plants on the balcony to accompany themselves.

(Author: Liu Nian_ _ (() Apart from being busy every day, is the flowers and plants at home, should it be shaded? I have n’t watered it for several days, is it short of water?

(Author: Mi Mi Tong) When these flowers and plants are together, they feel that the whole world is clear. Flowers and plants are the most honest. As long as you give it enough love, it will also bloom beautiful flowers to thank you.

(Author: Mint loli) If you have plenty of time, you can consider raising a pet. When the puppies are in the flowers, the warm feeling instantly hit me.

(Author: Houye99) Even if your loved ones are far away in your hometown, with the company of flowers and pets, the silent long night seems to be less long. Gradually, just from raising one or two pots, to want a small garden, and then to a wall that crawls full of flowers.

(Author: Sirius Rose of the Wolf) The most important set of tables and chairs in the garden, with clean fruits on it. During the spare time, you can enjoy the flowers while eating water. However, the cruel fact tells me that even the house can’t afford it now. Where can I come from?

(Author: Sirius Rose) There is no way to find ways to find flowers everywhere! For example, in the figure above, the lush blue snowflakes are already dissatisfied with the tight balcony and began to expand the site outside!

(Author: Sirius Rose) So there is another new life goal! That is to have a garden that belongs to its own, planting your favorite flowers! Plant another rose flower wall! When the rose flowers bloom, the flowers are full of flowers, dense, how beautiful! Hurry up and take a few pictures to show off with the flower friends!

If there are enough rose varieties and the flowers bloom enough, you will never have to go out to buy flowers! Put on the scissors, choose a few of your favorite, insert it in a vase, or in a basket, and put it on the table to make yourself a good mood one day!

(Author: Pomelo Pomelo Pomelo) Although I work hard to have their own garden, it sounds like a little nonsense, and many people can’t understand it, but what is the relationship?

(Author: Bai Wei) Life is my own, what do I want to do by myself, do others control it?

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