If you don’t know these maintenance skills in summer, your succulent will die!

Summer species

Multistellar growing in summer

1 degree summer main point

1. The sun should be sufficient, but it cannot be exposed, especially at noon above 35 ° C. 2. The ventilation must be good. It is best to cultivate outdoors. If not, it is best to place it in the window sill and balcony.

(Author: Yuan Er Che Nam Source: Multi -meat bar) 3, no watering at noon, watering is best in the evening, the temperature is high at noon, the water temperature rises after watering, and it is easy to break the roots. And watering should be dried and wet, not too much. 4. If the temperature reaches 35 ~ 40 degrees, it is necessary to take the necessary cooling methods. It can be placed in the air -conditioned room. Summer species only grow faster in summer, and too much temperature can cause death!

2 Common summer species

Galan dishes: Tang Yin, Fanque, Jade Hanging Bell, Jin Die, Black Rabbit Ear, White Rabbit Ear, Moon Rabbit Ear, Fudu Ear, Edo Purple, Fairy Dance, Bai Ji’s Dance, Bai Ji Dance, Longevity Flowers and so on.

(Author: Call me king of Kai_tae Source: Multi -Bar) Watson: Dark Leaf Watson, Wolf Claw Watson, Zi Lianhua, Phoenix, Fuji and so on.

Others: Snow Lotus, Black Prince, Chiba Lotus, Huang Li, Jinsi Huang, Hong Si, and Love.

Spring and Autumn Type

Multistellar growing in summer

1 Scenery is the main point of Du Xia

1. There is no major problem in the succulent summer of the Sedum. It should be noted that the problem of watering is to see dry and wet. 2. Pay attention to watering at night in summer, and water cannot splash on the leaves, otherwise it will be burned. Note: See the dry and wet, that is, the soil surface is 2 ~ 3cm before watering. After confirming that the soil is dry, watering is watered.

Frequently Ascension plants: Mingyue, Otome, Wannian Cao, Eight Thousand Generations, Chun Meng, Rainbow Jade, Thousand Buddhas, etc.

2 The main point of the stone lotus is the main point of Du Xia

1. It must be placed in a good ventilation place. The south window sill or the South balcony is good. You can usually open the window to ventilate. 2. The temperature reaches above 35 ° C, and it will stop growing directly. Do not water it in this case. 3. The temperature is below 35 ° C. It needs to be controlled by water. 4. If it is dew, it needs to be shaded at noon.

Common plants of stone lotus: white peony, first love, purple pearl, Yamatojin, Xiaobojin, Furong Snow Lotus, jade butterfly, Dongyun series, Jin Huangxing and so on.

3 The main points of the longevity grass summer

1. Dormation in summer and shading at noon. You can also place it directly indoors. 2. Broken water when dormant, until autumn will be resurrected. If you are really worried about killing, give water for about 3 weeks or 1 month. 3. Strengthen ventilation. If there are continuous sweltering weather, it is best to blow it with a small fan. 4. You need to get indoors on rainy days, not rain, avoid black rot, and usually the sun is usually poisonous after the rain, and you can put it directly indoors.

Common plants of longevity grass:

Spider silk roll silk, strawberry rolls, Guanyin lotus, red peony, Dahongjuanjuan and so on.

4 Lotus Palm is the main point of Du Xia

1. Sleep in summer, the leaves are shorter, or the appearance of the bag will even be rolled into a bag. Some even some leaves will fall off into baldness. These phenomena are very normal. Essence 2. Once the above situation occurs, it can be broken directly. 3. Put it in a cool place indoors, don’t take it out to expose it.

Common lotus palms are plants: Ai Ranjin, Black Master, Little Man’s Festival, Halloween, Mirror, Lotus Palm, Lotus Palm, Brilliant, Mountain Roses, Gorgeous Rihui and so on.

5 The main points of the raw stone flowers are summer summer

1. Directly sleep in summer, and you can break the water in the water.

6 The main point of the green lock dragon

1. Strict water control, water can be poured once in about half a month to one month before July, and the water is broken after July. 2. Keep the leaf surface dry. Do not splash on the leaves when watering. If you accidentally splash it, you can use a paper towel to suck off.

Common plants of green locks: Qianzhita, red child, fire festival, Mars rabbit, money string, red ghost city, velvet needle and so on. What kind of succulent is your home? Get ready to get ready!

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