In May, you have to know this, don’t let your succulent die in summer

Multisanas are divided into “winter type” and “summer type”

“Winter type” succulent is a succulent growing in summer, and it grows in winter, spring, and autumn. In summer, they will stop growing and are not resistant to high temperature. Pay attention to shading when maintaining, stop fertilization and keep ventilation. Reduce watering. If necessary, you can use spray water to increase the humidity, but you should not choose water spraying at the hot noon. It is best to do it in the evening.

“Summer type” succulent refers to the succulents that do not sleep in summer and grow strong. In summer, these succulent plants can be out of the room in a timely manner, and sufficient sunlight will make them better and stronger.

“Summer -type” succulent is more heat -resistant, but the temperature should not be too high. Generally, it will stop growing in an environment of 35 ° C, so pay attention to the control of temperature. If you apply fertilizer, you need to appropriately fertilize according to different varieties.

Common varieties of “winter type” and “summer type” succulent

常见的“夏种型”多肉主要有:桃美人、星美人、白牡丹,花簪、若绿、神刀、花月、火祭、青锁龙、落日之雁,爱之蔓,绿雨、富士、 Zi Jianhua, Snow Lotus, Black Prince and so on.

Common “winter species” succulents include: Guanyin Lotus, Jade Pearl Curtain, Auro’s Heart, Eight Thousands of Dynasties, Rainbow Jade, Xiong Tongzi, Obuki, Black Master, Yulu, Kangping Shou, Jincheng, Dragon Fan, Vientiane, Life, Life Stone flowers and so on.

Is your succulent “winter type” or “summer type”? If you don’t know, do your homework, so that you can better breed succulent in summer!

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