In summer, these more waters are watered!

1 crab claw orchid

1. Control watering. In the summer, the crab claw orchid should be watered less, about 2 to 1 month. Watering once. 2. Spray water around the crab claw orchid to increase the environment of the environment. 3. Put the crab claw orchid in a cool and ventilated place.

2 Great Rock Tungs

1. Da Yantong will sleep during high temperatures in summer, and the leaves of the Dayan Tongtong will gradually wither during the dormant. Water after through the penetration, watering should be poured through ~ 2. If the leaves on the surface of the big rock tung have withered, you need to break the water directly! 3. Do not fertilize during dormancy. Put it in a more cool place indoors, wait for it to make a new bud ~

3 inverted Golden Bell

1. If the temperature exceeds 25 ° C, the fertilizer should be stopped. The temperature reaches 30 ° C, and it will directly enter the dormant. The temperature reaches 35 ° C or more. Inside the room, or sprinkle water around! 2. The temperature reaches above 25 ° C, and the watering should be gradually decreased, and the water is poured once every one week to half a month. 3. In the morning and evening, spray water around the plant to reduce temperature and increase air humidity.

4 Flower Mao

1. Flower hair will sleep in the summer of 30 degrees, so the watering should be less. Basically, after all the leaves are withered, the watering is stopped directly, and then placed in a cool place for maintenance. 2. You can dig out the roots of the flower hair, put it in a dry sand, move it to a cool place and not stick to the water. Wait until autumn will be planted. 3. Before the temperature reaches 30 degrees, the watering can be less, but it must be poured during when poured. It can be poured once 1 to 2 weeks.

5 pork

1. Such as a succulent plant such as Jingtian, the genus Lotus, the genus of the longevity of the longevity, the genus of the lotus palm, the genus of the raw stone, and the green lock dragon. Sleep. If you don’t know these maintenance skills in summer, your succulent will die!


1. Cut off the yellow leaves on the top and place it in a cool place. Watering must wait until the soil with 2 ~ 3cm on the surface is dry before watering, and then watering a little. Until autumn. 2. You can also dug out the ball’s stems from the charming. After disinfecting the yin with polymorphic spirit, it can be stored in a dry sand. The temperature should not be 35 degrees and the bottom at 20 degrees, and the sand should not be too humid.

7 horseshoe lotus

1. In the summer, the horseshoe lotus will sleep, and the specific performance is that the flowers withered and the leaves fall off. 2. Reduce watering, about 2 weeks, wait for the part of the top of the horseshoe lotus, and the part of the ground is cut off. 3. To put it in a cool place, you cannot expose it or rain, it is best to place it in the north balcony and other places in the room. If you have dormant plants, you must not water more!

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