In the six plants in the bathroom, the longer I did


Fern plants like high -temperature and high humidity environments, and it is also very shade -resistant. It is very suitable for maintenance in the bathroom ~

The main points of maintenance 1. The bathroom with windows is best to maintain. Although the ferns are shade -resistant, it is not good in the dark all day. 2. The requirements for fertilizer are not very large. You can just 1-2 months of rotten bean cake fertilizer ~ 3. Water should be wet and not dry. Dry, yellow, and broken leaves are cut off to avoid consumption of nutrition on it.

Yiya orchid

Yiye orchid is also a relatively easy -to -support indoor plant ~ But this kind of plant is not as famous as Green Dellaxia and can grow in a dark environment. It is suitable for placing in the bathroom ~

The main points of maintenance: 1. Soil: The requirements for soil are not high. The flower buddies who pay attention to can use mixed soils of peat soil, broken bricks, perlite, charcoal, etc. 2. Temperature: The suitable growth temperature is 7-30 ° C, but there should be no problem in the indoor bathroom when this temperature reaches this temperature ~ 3. Light: It can also survive for a long time in a dark environment, but it is best to take out regularly. Go to the sun to promote the germination and growth of the new buds ~ 4. Watering: During the strong period of growth, it is necessary to provide sufficient water volume, be wet and not dry, and spray the leaves properly to increase the humidity of the air ~


The powerful vitality of Tiger Pi Lan really does not need to be repeated, and there is a pot in the bathroom of Huahua’s family! Live well ~

The main points of maintenance: 1. Watering: Tiger Pilan must be cautious. Most of the tiger Pilan death is a water watering problem. If you must see dry and wet, if you put it in the bathroom, the air humidity is relatively large. Pour in 1 month. There is no problem with water. 2. Put Tigerprah in a good light in a period of time and receive the sun! Can promote the germination of new leaves and promote growth ~

White palm

Bai Palm is the darling of many families. Because of its simple maintenance, no effort, and a relatively good name, it is smooth sailing. Of course, it is very sought after by flower friends ~

Key points for maintenance: 1. Soil: The soil can use the ratio of peat+perlite, and the proportion of perlite can float between 15%to 20%. 2. Temperature: The most suitable temperature is 20 ° C to 21 ° C, Do not exceed 24 ° C. 3. Watering: If you put it in the bathroom, you can see dry and wet watering. You cannot keep the pot soil moist for a long time to avoid rotten roots.


Lv Luo, a wet and wet and yin -resistant plant ~ Do you still introduce more flowers?

The main points of maintenance: 1. Watering, because the bathroom is not very ventilated, so watering needs to see dry and wet, because the water vapor in the bathroom can also promote the growth of green dill. 2. Put the green dill in a place with good light for a period of time every time, otherwise it will stop growing if you do n’t see the sun in the sun for a long time ~

Rich bamboo

Fugui bamboo is also one of the common plants in the room ~ Yin resistance, like a moist environment, it is also good to put in the bathroom ~

The main points of maintenance: 1. Before rooting, change the water once every 1 to 2 days. Do not change the water after rooting. Once water, pay attention to adding water. 3. If there are windows in the bathroom, you can put rich bamboo near the window. If not, it is best to take the rich bamboo out of the sun about 1 week to promote the growth of rich bamboo. Okay, after the introduction of Huahua ~ If you have any recommendations, you can talk to Huahua in the comments ~

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