In winter, you need to pay special attention to anti -freezing and warm flowers!

Flower Watching Plants:

Such as melon chrysanthemum, beauty banana, Dali flower, Zhu Dinghong, daffodil, Fairy, bamboo bells, golden bells, four seasons of begonia, Yipin red, paraffin red, leaflet gardenia flower, Fusang, Jianlan, Clivia, Night clove, Ruixiang, Kenbian Jiulixiang, Zhulan, Bailan, Jasmine, etc. The above plants must be more than 5 degrees in the environment of winter, and they cannot be a little cold wind. In particular, plants such as beauty banana, Dalihua, Zhu Dinghong, even if they are planted in the courtyard, you must dig it out in winter, move to the room, or prepare anti -freezing measures outdoors. Plants placed in the transplantation room must also choose warm places.

Leaf watching plant:

Such as the hanging orchids, pheasant mountain grass, Yuejing mountain grass, naga sunflower cold water flowers, Fujian tea, turtle bamboo, brown bamboo, water bamboo, Wenzhu, Su Tie and other plants. Choose the landlord where the room is sunny. Especially the turtle back bamboo, pay special attention.

Multi -pulp plant:

Such as a variety of fairy balls, tigerpi, cricket flowers, arrow lotus, crab claw orchids, etc. The environmental temperature of the above plants must be above 10 degrees. They were originally tropical plants, and their resistance to cold was very weak. So pay more attention to its warmth effect.

Putting it indoors in winter must pay attention to its ventilation, and the humidity of the air should not be too dry for a long time.

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