Introduction to the type of potted palm

Senegal dates

The color of the Senegal jujube leaves shows that the green is very fresh. Whether it is bonsai cultivation or on -ground cultivation, it is a good plant, and it is very ornamental.

Ponytail palm

When the ponytail palm is planted on the ground, its trunk and branches will grow very strong and strong, and the overall seems to be very tall and prosperous; The limitations of the flower pot will not grow freely, and it will adapt to potted properties. The overall branches of the ponytail palm are very strong, the leaves have a long shape, and they are very thin. The leaves seem to have a drooping state, which is still like a lobe.

Fan tree

This type of palm tree grows extremely slowly, but its leaves can be used as a fan.

Palm bamboo

Palm bamboo is like bamboo.

The types of potted palms are far more than the above four, but the above four are more common. As potted plants, it is also very suitable. In general, the ability of palm trees to resist the bad environment is very strong, and even in a dirty environment, it can grow strongly. While growing up, they can in turn purify the dirty air and decorate the environment. So it is the first choice for indoor and outdoor decoration. It’s so exciting, you may wish to raise a pot too.

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