Iron fern common variety

Fan blade iron fern

The blade is a fan-shaped interrupted interval, 2 ~ 3 freshened to the bird foot-shaped branch; the central feathers are the largest, the small feathers have a short handle.The fan iron wire fern likes sunshine, suitable for growing in acidic red, yellow soil.

Whippery iron wire ferns

Also known as the rigid wire fern, leaf linear lanceolate, about 10 ~ 25 cm long, the top end is extended into a whip, and the root roots are rooted.The whipper iron wire fern is born in the forest or the river stone sewing of the altitude of 100-1200m.

Wedge leaf iron wire fern

The leaves are triangular, and there is a feather split, a rhombus or a long circle.The wedge leaf wire fuel is often born on the limestone of the flowing stream or the bottom of the limestone vent and dripstone wall, with an altitude of 100-2800 meters.

Lake iron wire fern

The lotus leaf iron fern is a rare variety, and due to the damage of nature due to human production activities, there is no longer exist in the environment of survival.Because the lotus leaf iron wire fern is a better medicinal material, excessively captured, which is in an extinct edge, and the number of cultivars is less.

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