Is a happy tree blossoming?

Is a happy tree blossoming?

Flowering conditions

Happy trees can be blooming, but must keep it, want to make happiness trees to flow, then have suitable illumination, temperature and humidity, and the time of maintaining happiness trees will have a little longer.

Among the daily maintenance of the bark bark, pay attention to the following points: keep the air circulation, create a ventilated environment; watering should be given to see the wet, you can spray the happiness tree, maintain humidity; it is a happy tree to exposure Sunlight.

Happy tree is a growing plant, maintenance, can also spend every year.


The flowering period of different environments is different. Happiness tree is generally in May to September every year, it will vary because of the difference in the environment, and in the northern region. Generally, the happiness tree that breeds breeds is to grow, and the time is relatively long, the happiness tree of cutting and compact strip reproduction will flow in 2-3 years. Happy tree blossoms, the flowers are relatively small, the color is elegant, the flowers are open for yellow light yellow, no aroma. But it gives people a feeling close.

Happy tree blossoms


Happiness tree, as the name suggests, it can be seen that it is related to happiness. It represents: peace, happiness, precious happiness.


Happy tree blossoms, the meaning is good, happy tree blossoms, is to open a happy flower, pray for family and beauty, happiness. Happy tree has a touch of small yellow flowers, giving people a touch of warmth, is it very happy.

Happy tree blossom is a good sign.

Happy tree blossom picture

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