Is Black Master expensive?


Black mage is different in different regions, such as Tianjin. In Tianjin is more appropriate because of the climate, it is relatively cheap in Tianjin. You can refer to the price of the friend:

Small seedlings within 10 cm of the Ye Crown, generally a bit number, big, more, about 15 yuan, 10 or more high plants are about 25 yuan.

This price is relatively reasonable, but if you buy it directly from a treasure, it is difficult to guarantee the quality.

Price variety difference

The more rare prices are more expensive, the prices are inexpensive, such as purple cashmere, black stars, etc., priced slightly. There is also a traditional ink method, a mage brocade, just happened, the price is more expensive. Because the black mage’s reproductive ability is very strong, you don’t want to pursue rare, really don’t have any raasons, you must be a replica after a few years. The price will go all the way!

Xiaobian suggestion

There is also a black mage in Xiaobian, who spent 5 dollars on the roadside, bought a small pot, I felt quite a loss, because I quickly breed a few pots, I thought, one pot The more pots are so simple, the succulent is also a violent industry! So Xiao’s mind remind everyone that although raised, but the hand should be cautious.

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