Is Douban Green flowers?

Is Douban Green flowers?

Douban green is blooming, just is not common.If maintenance is maintained, Douban green will open twice a year, and the flowers are in 2 – April and 9- October.

Douban green blossom, but the shape is not flowering, it is a little stick from the middle of the blade, everyone is likely to think that it is a new bud. In fact, it will find that the green flower and leaves of Douban are not observed.identical.Douban green is spike-shaped, dense small flower, green white, there is pollen above, and it may be more obvious with a magnifying glass.

What should I do if I doofet green?

Douban green is mainly used as a view of the leaf plant, and the flowers of Douban are not good.So the Douban is green after flowering, because the green flowers of Douban are very wasting.

Does your home are green flowers?Douban green flowers represent the maintenance environment is very good, good mood, nature laughs.Want to know how to flow with green green?Correct maintenance is the key, understand Douban green breeding method

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