Is it right?

The results of the flowers and cooked fertilizers are applied

Many results show that flowers are more suitable for fully rotten fertilizers. Applying unsolved fertilizers can cause certain damage to flowers. For example, the root system of scald flowers, causing soil hypoxia, and even severely caused plant death.

Why not use unsuccessful fertilizers

We all know that the growth of flowers needs to draw a variety of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and iron that is fermented and dissolved in water in the water. There seems to be unsolved fertilizers also have these elements, but in fact, corrupted foods are buried directly into the soil without fermentation, which will generate high temperature and harmful gases when fermentation. It may breed a large number of harmful microorganisms. They will compete with plants to compete with plants, causing soil hypoxia, and then withered. In addition, the process of fermentation, these corruption will exude unpleasant gases, attract insects, and harm the health of flower plants.

Some people will bury the corpses of some small animals next to the plant. This approach is also not desirable. It will affect the growth of the plants. It will also affect environmental hygiene. It is recommended to bury into the soil of about one meter and let the corpse rot.

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