Is money blossoming?


In fact, money trees are the same as most plants, and they can bloom.The flowering of money is generally in summer to winter. Generally, when it is blooming, there are 5-8 buds in the flower seats, but the buds of buds are relatively short.Generally, a bud will only bloom for a day, and it will fade the next day, and some will even fade even at night.

The flowers of money wood as a whole look similar to the horsetan peony. The color is generally yellow, but it is actually very beautiful.

Will blooming die?

In fact, when money is blossoming, although everyone will be surprised, they are worried about whether its plants will die after the money is blossoming.In fact, there is no need to worry about this problem. Although the blooming of money will consume some nutrients, when the flowers thank you, it will not affect the growth of the plant.

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