Is the five-color plum and a five-color flower?

Five color plum introduction

Five-color Mei (Name: Lantana Camara) Tong Maldan, Hakka said it is a spar nose. Originally mainly distributed in South America, West India, Lantana (Lantana) evergreen shrub. The general flowering period is approximately around April and in late February, but it can also see flowers in almost every year due to the influence of climate and temperature. It can be said to be a growing plant. There is often a multi-color change among a jujube, so the alias is also known as five-color plum, colorful flowers; at the same time, the branches contain special stimuli, so Ma Yingdan has odorous grass, stinky gold and phoenix. In Taiwan, it was introduced by the Dutch in 1645, which is currently a foreign species that are generally visible in Taiwan.

There are many aliases of the five-color plum, there is Ma Tang Dan, Shanda, Dahong Embroidery, coral ball (“South Yue Note”), stinking golden phoenix, such as spending, faint (“Lingnan Pharmacy)), seven calendar flowers (” North China Economic Plant Section “), such as the grass (” Guangzhou Plant “), murder, smell peony, insectica,” Nanning City Pharmacy “), Mao Shenhua (” Minnan Folk Herbs “), stinky air ( “Guangxi Chinese Medicine”), Tianlan Grass (“Hunan Pharmacy”), odor (Guangzhou Forces “Common Chinese Herbal Medicine Manual), five-color flower, five thunder, wall wind (” Guangxi Chinese herbal medicine “), wild dishes ( Jiangxi “Herbal Handbook”), colorful flowers, red flower thorn, wife, “Fujian Chinese Herbs”), pig 屎 flower (Chaozhou).

Five-color flower introduction

Refers to the colorful glazed colorful, high names. In the Yuan Dynasty, it was fired on the basis of maglev, yellow and green three color basis. The product was very small.

Small leaves, small leaves, flowers, small leaves are both five-color flowers. Usually used in the form of a flower bed.

Five-color flowers are also a song name.

But when searching for plant five-color flowers, there is a five-color plum.

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