Is the golden weapon of gold be thin?

Color difference

This is the most essential difference, one is a flourish light, and the sun will be golden golden golden gold, one is the thin snow of the green color.If you want to distinguish, just put the two in the sun, you can distinguish it.

Leaf difference

You can also look directly at the leaves, the leaves of the golden grass are more flat, and the leaf of thin snow is round.

Difference of gathering of blades

It can observe the growth of the blades, and the leaves of the golden millions are generally spreading and distributed evenly.Thin Snow Wanxia is gathering, this manifestation is not obvious during the seed, but the conservation of thin snow will become more obvious for a while.

Plant type difference

Planting the two in the same basin, it can be seen that the plants of gold have less plants in gold, while thin snow has a higher strain type.

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