Is the goldfish grass and goldfish hangar? Is it a plant?

Is the goldfish grass and goldfish hangar? Is it a plant?

Xiaobian wants to tell everyone, the goldfish grass and goldfish hanging blue belt are goldfish grass, but it is a variety of plants. Some varieties of goldfish grass are very like a goldfish hanging blue, so there will be faders confused.

Goldfish grass

For many years, the herb is erected, and the stem is sometimes on the wood, high can be 80 cm. The stem base is glabrous, and the upper portion is glandular, and the base is sometimes branched. The lower part of the leaf, the upper part of the alternative, a short handle; the blade is glabrous, lanceolate-shaped-shaped lanceolate, 2-6 cm long, and the whole edge.

Total inflorescence, densely adened hair; peduncle length 5-7 mm; 4 deep cracks close to the equal length, 5 deep cracks, split ovals, blunt or urgent; Crowne color, from red, purple to white, 3-5 cm long, the base is extended in front of it, the upper lips are upright, the width, 2 semi-crack, the lower lip 3 is shallow, and the upper lips will rise, the throat, the throat, make the crown of 4 Top 2.

Goldfish hanging blue profile

Goldfish hanging blue, also known as goldfish, kangaroo hanging blue, kangaroo flower, hanging goldfish, etc. Multi-year studios, grass, grass, grass, plant, and half wood. Stemsheet, length 20-40 ㎝, tender stem green, old stem red brown; single leaf, lifetime, oval, long 3-4 ㎝, first end, meat, leaves, back, back red.

Flower monozoi is born in leaves, about 2-3 ㎝, 5 sepals, the flower is shaped, the lower extraction, the first 5 small crack, the orange red, the slice is yellow, the splitter is red; the stam is born on the petals; A pistil. Capsules, similar to mysterious plants.

The difference between goldfish grass and goldfish hanging blue

Although the goldfish grass also has a variety of small goldfish, but the goldfish hanging orchid is the raw species of small goldfish. So, see the flesh of the leaves, green, flowers like small goldfish, is goldfish hanging blue. The leaves are elongated, the flowers are different, and they are goldfish.

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