Is the hanging flower blossom?

Flower period

The suspense flower is evergreen plants, and the flower period is also very long. The suspenders can usually be open all year round, and the amount of flowers is very large. During this time in late September, this time, it is the most popular world of a resemble, it will be full of prosperity and prosperous. The number of flowers in winter is less.

Slim flower color

The flowers of the resembled flowers are more strange, and the flowers are sliding down a big feature, and the other is not open. Dropped resembles show hanging clock shape, like wind bell, exquisite and cute.

The flowers of the resemble flowers are single, longer than the upper leaves. The funnel-shaped corolla, calyx fifth crack and is a multi-layer, with 5 petals, slightly left-handed, petals do not operate, showing the stadling, the flower extension.

The flowers of the resemble flowers are mainly bright red, and there are also a pink resemble flower, the small suspension flower color is pink and light red, but the color of the resembled flowers is also a red color.

Sweet flower flower

The flower language of the resemble is: talented. Some people describe the resemble of the resemble, and its flowers are low, as if they are looking down, it is full of Wen Si Shui. The talent is full of attention.

Flowering precautions for aversion flower

It is judged that the standard of the blossom of the resemble is to see if it stretched out the petals. If the flower extends out the petals, it means that it is flowering.

The flowers of the resemble flowers have a very delicious nectar, sweet.

It is almost unsuccessful after the resemble flowers.

In the case of sufficient light, the flowering will be more vivid, and the lack of light is not easy, the flowers are small.

Be careful not to water water to the petals to avoid white spots, affect the viewing effect.

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