Is the lotus bag peony a peony?

Puppet peony

The lotus bag peony is also called the lotus baicai. The flowers it blooms are small and exquisite. The shape is similar to the purse. The color is more gorgeous and very ornamental. Therefore, it is very ornamental. Not only that, it can be used as a medicinal material. Because the leaves of the lotus bag are more like peony and the flowers look like lotus bags, they are called lotus bag peony, but it is not peony.


Hepan peony can live with cold weather, but it can’t bear the high temperature. It likes to grow in a half -yin environment. When the temperature is relatively high in summer, it will enter sleep. The pumps of the puppet need sufficient water, and the soil must always maintain a moist state, so as to make it grow normally.

beautiful legend

According to legend, in ancient times, there was a place called Ruzhou in Luoyang. There was a small town called the temple in the state. Here is a wonderful custom. When men and women settle their relatives, the woman must give a lot of purse to the man. If there is a doll kiss, it will also let the woman’s family embroidery one and give it to the man as a token.

There is a girl named Jade in the town. She is only eighteen years old. The skills of embroidery are superb. Such a girl, there are many people who come to the door, but they are declined by her family. It turned out that the girl had a man in the phase and was recognized by the family. Unfortunately, the man was filled with the army and had no news. Later, the jade girl embroidered a lotus bag every month to represent her thoughts on the man and hung the purse on the peony outside the window. After that, people often say the lotus bag.

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