Is the mountain show?

Shan Dandan Flower: Ornamental Flower

Shan Dandan flower is a Bulin’s ball. It is a kind of wild lily, which is available, usually a year, each life is 7 ~ 8 years, the flowers are red or apricot yellow, beautiful as “Junzilan” It is also a white flower, and the water is beautiful, is a magical flowers that grow in the wilderness.

Shan Dandan Flower: The famous flower in the world

The Northern Shaanxi people have traveled mountain Dandan, regarding it as a beautiful, tear, and pursuit of incarnation. Singing in folk songs: “Shan Dan Dan blossoms back and red, you see the brother to relatives” When entering Northern Shaanxi, this flower of the red-hot loess plateau has been given new meanings. The symbol of Northern Shaanxi became the symbol of Yan’an. With the circulation of songs, Shan Dandan has also become a famous flower in the world.

Shan Dandan flower: I have also on the verge of extinction

In the 1970s, Shan Dan Danhua was discovered by everyone. At that time, there was no reason to protect, and there was no difference between Shandan and weeds during the seedlings. Because of overgrazing, plus years of drought, ecological environment destroyed, Shandan Fade out of people’s vision. The cultivated forest will re-create the beautiful beauty, making the ecological environment more improved, 5 years have passed, the red lily has sprouted in weeds, slowly revealing the shy face.

Maybe you haven’t seen the beauty of Shandan, the red in the weed, is it. Different seedlings with weeds, once bloom, everything around it has become its background.

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