Is the red powder table?

Red powder table is blooming?

The red powder clock is blooming, the flower period is summer, the spike is in the inflorescence, can be 20 cm long.

After growing the floral sword, water can be appropriately water to maintain the water supply.

Red powder table, is it good?

The red powder table is a tangerine, a bell shape, a long floral sword, very beautiful.Small and exquisite, charming, with a little bit of water or light red leaves attached to a little water, it is really not much.

Is the red powder table?

Multi-meat plant flowers, often accompanied by tension and worry of faders, because the hypertrophic hypertrophy is often affected, it will become dry, and some will even die.

Although the red powder table will also consume a lot of nutrients, but don’t worry, it will not die, just take a period of buffering.

The flower period can be properly fertilized, properly water, to ensure that she is full, and a few small flowers will not affect the beauty of the blade.

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