Is the tiger thorn plum suitable for the home?

Is it suitable for indoor breeding

The tiger thorn plum is a kind of spikes. The shape of the flower is similar to the plum blossoms. After its branches are damaged, a white liquid material will flow out of the wound place. This liquid has certain toxins. For this kind of liquid secreted by Tigerbi Mei, it can have a certain impact on the human body. Once a person encounters this liquid, the skin will feel itching. If you accidentally eat this liquid, it will cause people to cause people Symptoms of nausea and dizziness. Therefore, when planting indoor, try to avoid this situation. If an accident occurs, you need to go to the hospital for treatment. If there are children in the home, you need to take care of it and prohibit the tiger thorn plum. Tiger thorns have long spikes, which are also used to protect themselves to a certain extent and prevent damage. Therefore, they rarely tease the tiger thorn plum. Because tiger thorns are planted in the soil when they are planted, and many bad factors are added, it is not recommended to put them in indoor breeding for a long time.

The role of tiger thorn plum

The stems and leaves of tiger thorns can be applied by people, and their leaves are usually immersed in water to prevent the impact of diseases and insects. Tiger thorns can also bring good luck to the family. It has a certain role in Feng Shui, which can help eliminate the evil spirits. Occasionally, it is also possible to place the room.

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