Is the wooden cotton and hibiscus are the same plant?

Kapok is the deciduous big trembard of Jinxi Kapok Cotton Cotton

Hibiscus is the bush of the mission of the martic hibiscus.

So both are completely different plants.


Hibiscus is called: kumblton, ribs, petunia

It can be seen here that don’t be called the same name, but the species is not the same.

the difference


Deciduous shrub, 3 to 4 meters high, small branches are yellowed with yellow star.

Flower monozoab in the branches of the branches, 4-14 mm long stalks, small bracts 6-8, linear, flower-shaped, 14-20 mm long, splitter 5.

Color has pure white, pale pink, lavender, purple, etc. 5-6 cm in diameter, ovate in front of the petals, 3.5-4.5 cm long, is sparsely flexible by cilia and star-shaped; the stamens are about 3 cm; the flowers are inconsistent.

Growing habits

The climate, cold and moist, cold-resistant, soil requirements, can grow in clay.

Kow cotton form

Dried leaves, high reachand of 25 meters, tree b bedish white.

Flower monosoding top leaves, usually red, sometimes orange red, diameter is about 10 cm; calyx-shaped, 2-3 cm long, hairless, lame yellow short-yellow hair, calyd 3-5, semi-circular .

Growing habits

Happy and warm and dry environment. Bless cold, high-profile, fertile, good-drained neutral or microaly acid sand soil.

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