Is there two types of forget me?

Forget me not only a kind of

Forget me, a beautiful and romantic flower, but the editor has some questions about forgetfulness. I remember when I used to buy megaldish tea, it was not the same as the flower from the picture. What is going on? I believe that some people who like to forget me also have such questions.

From the legend that we can’t forget me, we can know that a knight and his lover walk around the river and see the blooming blue flowers. So the Cavaliers risked their lives to pick flowers, but they accidentally fell into the water. Knight knew that he could not be rescued, so he threw the flowers at his lover and told her: Don’t forget me. Later, the lover wore the blue flowers day and night in the hair room, expressing the loyalty and never forgetting the lover. Therefore, this kind of flower is called not forgotten, and everyone is regarded as a beautiful flower carrying loyal love.

From the legend, we can see that it is described as a beautiful blue flower. However, in the market, many fresh cut flowers, dried flowers, and even forgotten as flower tea are not described in the description, the difference is very large. Do you forget me, not just one?

There are two types

In fact, what we know is forgotten meal refers to two plants.

One is the genuine family of omit grass. It is a beautiful blue flower, and the flower heart is a circle of yellow stamens. The whole flower looks bright and very delicate.

There is also a plant with the genus Blood Grass of Blue Snow. Its flowers are small, the flowering period is long, which is very important to match flowers, and it has good medicinal value. In fact, this kind of flower custom is called forgotten, but it is actually a blood -replenishment. It is actually a misunderstanding to sell it as a should not be forgotten.

However, in our lives, what we often see is actually this kind of blood supplement, now we know. Well, everyone has a new understanding of forgetfulness, and I will share with you the little knowledge about not forgetting me.

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