It took 10 years to raise a pot of flowers, but it was stolen in a few seconds. I want to call the police


The flowers on the top of the building were stolen as a person: Cheese Small Source: Polyly Plants I like to raise succulents. The balcony at home has been occupied by succulent, so I have to put a bunch of large universal goods on the top of the building. Let ’s take the pot. As a result, only 20 pots were stolen in a few days … The most terrible thing was that after finding the stealing person and stinging, the stealing thief stole hundreds of pots in order to get revenge on me … In the end, there is no way. You can only give away the fleshy and give away. The picture below is the balcony full of the landlord. ▼

(Author: Cheese Little Cheese Source: Poly Plant)

Incident two

Iron cage can’t stop the hand of the thief’s hand: nostalgia Lianlian Source: Polyplants Bar in order to avoid being stolen by flowers, I made a big cage! But I still didn’t stop the stealing thief … The first time I stole a pot of grapes, I posted a piece of paper on it and said, “I like to tell me, don’t steal it.” After a pot of Raul, I really left a piece of paper to tell me … The content is as follows ▼

(Author: nostalgia lianlian Source: Polying plant)

Incident three

Warning! It’s not safe downstairs! It’s not safe downstairs! The parties: The source of the sheep will have the source: Today’s headlines finally managed to raise the pelvis of mint. In order to allow it to accept more sunlight, I put it downstairs in the community. Which of the lack of moral goods has pulled my mint like Ge You’s hairstyle … I’m so angry! Intersection Intersection

(Author: small feet 7007 Source: mint)

Incident four

Low -level users should pay attention, the balcony must be tightened! The client: 灬 Zhou Zhou 来 11 Source: Polympolidation, who can think of, I can plant flowers on the balcony honestly, and finally encounter a black hand? The pot with a small pot, the potted or the ground is even on the ground, and even inside the anti -theft window. Basically, after sleeping, I found that my own flowers and plants were gone … probably at about 3 o’clock in the middle of the night! Mad!

(Author: Cancer Zhuangzhuang 123456 Source: Multi -meat)

Incident five

You can’t plant the flower beds in the community, stealing it is simply a minute! The client: Little Silver Polls Source: Rose Flower Bar the rose just after planting the yesterday, I found that a red dragon was stolen today, a vine baby, and one Ilei, and by the way, I broke me with an Ella thrown to the ground. … And my friend, the front and rear yards were installed in monitoring. As a result, more than thirty endless summer was stolen! Then she is too lazy to see the monitoring now, because no one cares about this at all, the police will not care, the property is ignored, the parties: the cute O small water source: the rose flower bar at the flower bed in the flower bed all the rose all rose in the flower bed at the door of the flower bed, the full rose in the flower bed at the door of the flower bed. I was stolen, and I don’t know what to say …

(Author: Cute o small water Source: Rose Flower Bar)

Incident 6

Isn’t it stealing? The parties: Zi Wan Lengyue Source: Polylying Plants, my succulents are kept in the car shed. Because there are people who have night shifts at night, they do not lock the door. As a result, an old Allen old pile is beheaded today! Although Allen is not worth any money, after all, it is the meat that has worked hard for several years! I was beheaded like this! The landlord himself couldn’t bear to cut it! And in half a month, the thief stole an old pile of the hazy moon! I came to steal twice in half a month! He is too unintentional, he will definitely come again, the landlord vowed to catch him!

(Author: Ziru Leng Moon Source: Polying Plants) Incident six Six may neighbors are stealing flowers! The client: babymanl1 Source: Multi -Bar, let’s talk about the background first, the host lives in the suburbs, the private house of his own family, there is a yard, the sun, and the meat is planted. The pot, because there are grandparents at home, the door is generally not locked, half open, there are people at home, so I never thought of locking. As a result, my mother suddenly let the succulent succulents who had no one, and said that it was just a person who saw a person who was holding two pots of succulents and hurriedly ran. He was a sister of a neighbor’s house. The fleshy is good, I want to take it home to see, and I will come back when the meeting will be returned. WHF? Run someone else’s house to get things during the day, don’t say it? Still running away? Maybe I had taken it before, but the landlord did not find it. It’s terrible. It ’s all neighbors. You say you like it, I may be able to send you, but secretly holding it, it really makes people appetite. She took a pot of Zile and the Yujin of the Rainbow, which was not expensive, but the practice was really … it seems that the door will be closed in the future.

(Author: babymanl1 Source: Multi -meat)

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